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The North Sea Cycle Route in The Netherlands, Tracks are recorded on a Garmin GPS-V in 2003 and 2007.

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Many thanks for adding this missing piece of the NSCR. I'm actually reading about this very part of the route in the excellent book 'Cycling Back to Happiness' -

~ posted by fred-leefarr
Looks great. I'm seriously tempted to do the whole NSCR!

~ posted by fred-leefarr
I'm sure you won't be disappointed when actualy riding this section. It mainly consists of free cycling paths or quiet minor roads.

~ posted by Altra
Added a couple of photos to encourage you... I'll try to supply the missing parts of this section in GPX format within a month or two.

~ posted by Altra
Made some corrections to existing tracks and filled in missing segments. However, corrections are not shown, seems like system copies new GPX file over the old one.

~ posted by Altra
Thanks again. There's actually a seperate manual process to finally update the map which I will run tonight.

I think the NSCR is almost complete- just a couple of sections to go. I'm going to launch a dedicated section after Christmas.

~ posted by fred-leefarr
prevailing wind direction is from the south west.

~ posted by hendrik jan rogge
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