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Member since: 8th December 2008
Location: Hague, Netherlands

My name is Ben, I bicycle many weekends and hollidays. I like to find my way by GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSx)and prepare my trips carefully. Spring 2009 (may, june, july) I have cycled the North sea cycle route (NSCR), so my contribution to bigbikemap is a set of tracks for whole NSCR. I have used them, and they are adequate. For netherlands I have posted an updated track, because it has changed a bit. Good luck!

Route Additions & Updates:

Route Version When
NSCR south 1 2887 days ago
NSCR netherlands 1 2952 days ago
Zuiderzee route 1 3062 days ago
Long distance bicycle route #4 in the Netherlands 1 3062 days ago
Yorkshire Moors & Coast (Sustrans) (route update) 2 3164 days ago
NSCR Germany 1 3165 days ago
NSCR Denmark 1 3165 days ago
NSCR Sweden 1 3165 days ago
NSCR Norway 1 3165 days ago
NSCR UK 1 3165 days ago
NSCR Netherlands 1 3165 days ago
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