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What do the line colors mean?

Safe route

A green line indicates a route which is mostly safe for cycling. This can be a dedicated cycle route, or a safe on-road reservation for cyclists.

Mostly safe

An orange line indicates a route which is preferable for cyclists, but some care is still required. For example, a quite country road or city back street.

Busy road

A red line indicates a route which is potentially dangerous, such as a busy road. Cyclists must take care.

Not yet rated

A purple line indicates a route which still requires a rating.
What do the map markers mean?

Information Marker

This marker provides general information along your route, such as points of interest.

Picture Marker

Click on this marker to view a picture on the route.

Cycle Shop or Cycle Hire Marker

This marker indicates cycle shops, or cycle hire venues.

Places to eat

This icon indicates a place to eat, such as a restaurant or cafe.

Lodging / Accommodation

This icon indicates a place to stay suitable for cyclists.

Picnic place

This marker indicates a suitable picnic place.

Post Office

Need to send a post card?

Restrooms / toilets

This marker locates suitable restrooms.

Store / Shop

This marker locates a store or shop along your route, suitable for picking up food and drinks.


If you need a place to camp for the night, look for these markers

View point

This marker indicates a good place to stop and take in the view.

Warning marker

This marker indicates hazards, such as a busy junction.

Direction marker

This marker indicates a one-way street, or suggested route direction.

How do I import a GPX file?
To add a GPX file, simply create a new route as you would normally. You do this by:
  1. clicking the 'add new cycle route' button on the front page
  2. choosing a name for the route
  3. and then clicking 'next >>'
Then, once in the editor screen, click the 'Import GPX File' button in the control panel:

You can then select your GPX file. Finally , click the 'upload' button to add your cycle route! If you have any problems, please email your GPX file to
How do I change the density/opacity of the cycle route lines?
To change the density/opacity (i.e. the amount of 'see through' a line has), simply:
  1. Click on 'My Profile'
  2. Move the slider to adjust the density (you can see a preview on the small map)
  3. Click 'save'
  4. That's it! If you now click 'home' you will the cycle route lines now have the density you chose
I've added a bike route but I can't see it on bigbikemap
For new (and updated) bike routes there is a seperate process which takes place before routes are visible on the map. New routes are usually added to bigbikemap within 24 hours (but usually before that!).
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